Sharai Toner's Story: Anti-Ageing Treatment


As you may already be aware from my previous blog posts, I love helping our clients; it’s not just about enhancing their beauty but helping resolve their pain e.g. from teeth grinding treatment to Botox for headaches

If you asked me what’s most rewarding if I’m honest I started this business with my mother to help women, and men to solve medical problems delivered by trusted and qualified practitioners. 

Let’s face it, the media is pressuring us to look younger and research shows women are suffering from low self-esteem more than ever. The selfie/blogger generation isn’t going anywhere. As the beauty industry turn to plastic surgery or spending thousands a year on make-up, we believe in subtle temporary beauty enhancements to bring out your natural beauty and feel confident instantly.

Our next client was one of the most rewarding and the reasons I wake up in the mornings as her confidence was low. Meet Sharai Toner, a European PA who came to us as she was suffering from a long-term illness and felt it had aged her. As a result, it left her feeling down, defeated and confidence was at an all-time low. 

“I felt I’d aged prematurely due to a long illness”.

Sharai Toner's Story: Anti-Ageing Treatment

Sharai Toner's Story: Anti-Ageing Treatment

Before any treatment we have a consultation, my mother and I try to put ourselves in our client's shoes. In Sharai's case, it made me think, she's in the peak of her life and unlike others, she had already been through a lot and simply wants to love herself again to bring her confidence back. 

Imagine suffering from an illness with the stress and pain eating you from inside and when you’re finally on the other side you look at yourself in the mirror and the suffering continues. 

The Anti-Ageing Packaging was ideal for Sharai, as it included lip filler treatment, Botox that focused on her frown lines and dermal filler for her smile lines (lines from her nose to mouth area). These are areas which develop with age and need to be targeted early for best long lasting results.

I cannot put into words how I felt when Sharai shared how she felt after the treatment...“I did not expect the difference to be so profound and make such a massive difference to my self-confidence”. 

We wanted to make sure she was happy, so we caught up with her after her treatment and you’ll be pleased to know she now no longer feels the need to wear make-up and feels great! 

“I look young and fresher, no pain after the swelling”.


It is an honour to be able to help women and men and be that beacon of light and we hope Sharai health, happiness, and a beautiful future. 

If you're still unsure or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K