Layla Vardy's Story: Top Tips for Botox & Lip Filler


Layla's a regular and was ever so kind to share her Lip Filler and Botox experience. It was great to get her input for this blog post, and we thought why not share some top tips for those of you who are not sure whether to get Lip Filler or Botox treatment.

You will have heard of treatments such as Botox and Lip Fillers, they're very popular in London and our clients not only come from Luton but Bedford, Harpenden and Milton Keynes and prefer these non-surgical treatments as they aren't permanent for beauty enhancement. And did you know Botox has been a godsend with people who have excessive sweating, teeth grinding and headaches as in Layla's case?

 Layla Vardy's Lip Filler at Escape Aesthetics, Luton

Layla Vardy's Lip Filler at Escape Aesthetics, Luton

Layla came to use as she had toyed with the idea of Botox for her headaches and lip filler for quite some time, "I've always wanted to enhance the fullness and shape of my lips". She also advised us her headaches were becoming all too frequent and affecting her daily life and had heard Botox could be a solution. Although, rather than just Google and book into any practice, she carried out her research to see reliable trustworthy practices. She even made sure she knew everything about Botox, we remember when she first came and asked us about the headaches and it all really works. 

Something we regularly say to individuals and we hope it will help you is, Botox injections are known for cosmetic purposes but Botox has a role in treating certain medical conditions, hence they are now widely used by the medical professionals to treat chronic migraines. They are muscle-paralysing injections as they have nerve-blocking effects. And it's been tested for several years, it's reliable, effective and safe. It's a temporary solution and also treats fine lines and facial wrinkles. The effects are fully reversible within time and have a very low risk of side effects. 

Now you may be wondering, what Layla was thinking during and after the treatment and we asked her to give her honest opinion for our readers?

 Layla Vardy's Botox at Escape Aesthetics, Luton

Layla Vardy's Botox at Escape Aesthetics, Luton

"I honestly feel fabulous! The treatments with Ani and Shameem at Escape Aesthetics are always quick and relatively pain-free. No matter how nervous I feel, I am always met with friendly, welcoming faces and a warm caring atmosphere that immediately puts at ease. That matched with a professional and patient-focused clinic space, I can see why the ladies are successful aesthetics practitioners."

Oh, and if you're wondering Botox did reduce Layla's headaches.

Thanks to Layla, we've added our top tips before you book in for any treatments.

  1. Always do your research e.g. will the treatment actually help me with headaches?
  2. Find a few practices that seem reliable, go to their websites and check reviews
  3. It's definitely worth checking out the practice, processes, and procedure itself
  4. Get in contact with the practice, and try booking a consultation
  5. Most reliable practices will take their time to advise you, tailored to your bespoke needs and you won't feel like you're just another potential client but work with you to achieve the desired final outcome 

We hope Layla's input and our top tips help make your decision.

If you're still unsure or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Aniqah Jamal