My Before & After Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Experience


Hi ladies and welcome to our first blog post! I wanted to give you all an insight to my personal experience with Anti-Wrinkle Treatment for my frown lines so, here it goes!

Some people ask, what is Anti-Wrinkle Treatment? Well, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment is a prescription only drug that temporarily ‘freezes’ the muscles so they are unable to contract. Usually, the contracting is what causes your wrinkles or fine lines making you look sad, angry and tired. One thing many people do not know is that the earlier you get Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, the better the result is long term.

Prevention is key!

Not many people know a lot about how Anti-Wrinkle Treatment works or its benefits nor do they know how easy it is to be free of those frown lines. Not only is it an easy method to get your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated Anti-Wrinkle Treatment is also reversible! It lasts for around 6 - 12 months with the process itself being quick and easy causing minimal pain!

Not too long ago, I ventured out and decided to do something about my own frown lines that had been getting me down. I am 23 years old and have personally always been conscious about my frown lines because it is in my genetics and I do tend to frown all the time. Without realising, I would find myself frowning whilst driving, thinking, talking, when sad or stressed. I was becoming more and more conscious of it and noticed that I was developing a faint fine line, which became even more prominent when I wore make-up. My make-up would crease at the end of the day and application was not smooth nor did I feel satisfied with its finishing. I wanted that flawless skin look but my frown lines were making it difficult. It wasn’t just about how the lines looked I was also beginning to get headaches from frowning all the time.

I knew Anti-Wrinkle Treatment around my frown line would stop me frowning, possibly making me feel better and preventing those fine lines from getting any worse!

Now this is how deep my frown lines were before the treatment

Now this is how deep my frown lines were before the treatment

Eventually, I decided I was going to get the Anti-Wrinkle Treatment done but  I was quite nervous as I had never had it before. My fear was more to do with the pain however, the fact that it would only take a few minutes comforted me a great deal.

Before the treatment, the area was cleaned, make-up was removed and markings were drawn indicating where the injection would go. The fine needle was injected into five injection sites.  

How did that feel? Honestly, I felt the initial injection which felt like a sharp scratch but it was over in literally 2-3minutes! I was surprised at how quick the treatment was. There was hardly any bleeding and it only felt a little sore which also disappeared after 10-15minutes. What felt amazing was the fact I could feel the stiffness around my frown line already. An absolutely brilliant result! 

After the treatment, a tissue was used to dab the area. You could not tell I just had the treatment done; I was able to go into town straight after with no worries! For the rest of the day I was advised to exercise the muscles, wear no make-up, avoid touching the area and sit up right. I could feel the stiffness of the muscles and it really felt like it was working.

Two days after treatment, I could not frown as much as before and the dynamic lines were reducing dramatically which you can see below. I genuinely felt like my make-up application was a whole lot smoother and my complexion looked so much better already. My close friends and family could notice there was a difference and complimented on how natural and flawless my skin looked.

My frown line change two days after treatment

My frown line change two days after treatment

One week after treatment: my frown line had completely gone and I could no longer frown which felt amazing. When I could feel myself frowning I would look in the mirror and realise I actually wasn’t. This was because I was unable to, resulting in no fine lines/wrinkles! This was exactly what I wanted; to prevent my fine lines from getting any worse, stop my headaches and stop looking sad, angry and stressed all the time.

After week 1: No frown lines 1 week after treatment

After week 1: No frown lines 1 week after treatment

It’s so important that we feel confident in our own skin! Wrinkles and lines, well, they’re things that can really have a negative impact on our self-esteem but there is a way to fix that.

I would 100% recommend this treatment as a preventative for someone who is worried about their fine lines getting worse, or someone wanting a flawless complexion- Giving you that smooth make-up application and youthful appearance. It was honestly the best thing I have had done!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my personal Anti-Wrinkle Treatment experience. Stay tuned for our future posts, we’ve got great things in store for you.

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