Malin's Luxury Medical Facial by AlumierMD

Thank you for visiting us Malin x

Thank you for visiting us Malin x

Welcome back to our client diaries!

This week we were visited by the lovely Malin Andersson who had the AlumierMD Luxury Medical Facial. Her results were instantly amazing and she absolutely loved how her skin felt afterwards.

 For those of you who haven’t read how the AlumierMD products and treatments helped clear my acne then definitely head over to my personal blog here!

 The Luxury Medical Facial involves three main steps which are:

The medical microdermabrasion, AlumierMD face mask and superficial chemical skin peel. As the facial is completely customisable we also included steam and extraction for Malin. We always recommend a thorough skin consultation so we can create a bespoke treatment plan for you.

 At Malin’s consultation she discussed she often gets whiteheads/blackheads as she uses a lot of oils which could congest her skin. During the treatment, Medical microdermabrasion was used which exfoliates the skin with crystals, getting rid of congested pores leading to blemishes. This is three times more powerful than your standard beauty microdermabrasion, therefore less sessions are required to see results. We love to combine this with all of our medical-grade chemical peels to give you the best results!

Steam was applied to open up the pores which makes extraction of the nose and chin area much easier, as it softens any blackheads. The extraction tool was used to remove blackheads safely and an instant result was seen on the nose straight after the procedure.

 For Malin, we chose an enzyme retexturing face mask which contains fruit enzymes to remove dead skin cells, helps with skin brightening and preps the skin for the upcoming peel. This is also great for any skin pigmentation and acne!

After this was removed, a lactic acid chemical peel was applied for a deeper exfoliation on the skin. Now, you may be put off by the sound of a “chemical peel” but these are very superficial, with no peeling of the skin and NO downtime. They give the skin a lovely glow and smooth texture without the terrible long downtime and invasive procedure like other deep peels.

Malin said the peel felt slightly stingy and not painful at all. After the peel was neutralised and taken off, recovery balm and the most important SPF was applied to calm down any redness and itchiness after the peel.

 You can see from the pictures below Malin’s skin looked amazing, some next day feedback was her skin felt super smooth and looked glowing. Post care instructions were given and we explained which AlumierMD home care products were best for her. We always recommend at least 3 sessions to see significant results so hopefully we will be seeing Malin again soon :)

 If you’re still unsure about having any of our skin treatments or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch or you can book your free skin consultation >


Escape Aesthetics xo

Aniqah Jamal