Shola’s skin Journey - Acne Skin To Clear Skin


The lovely Shola, a vibrant university student, came to us at Escape Aesthetics a few months ago with her mum as she had been looking for a clinic that specialised in treating acne. She had tried everything and felt as if she wasn’t getting any closer to clearer skin.

Shola had been suffering from acne for a few years and started feeling very down and insecure. In her first appointment with us, she was wearing a full coverage foundation to cover her skin. Although, a few sessions later she was hardly wearing any makeup and her skin was looking clearer and naturally glowing. Most importantly her self-esteem, confidence and general happiness had changed due to her skin getting better. Read on to find out what treatment and home-care products transformed Shola’s skin.

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At Shola’s initial consultation she told us she always wears a lot of makeup and a thick foundation to cover her breakouts and acne scarring. She was looking for a long-term solution to help her get rid of the problem, so she didn’t have to wear layers of makeup.

Most of you know by now, I have a strong passion when it comes to our acne patients, as I’ve had the same skin problem and felt it was consuming my life. Luckily I overcame it when establishing Escape Aesthetics and the medical chemical peels. If you suffer from acne and have not read my personal blog post, I would highly recommend reading it as I share my acne battles and journey to find a solution.

Yes, I also suffered from acne and the AlumierMD home-care products and treatments I discovered cleared my acne within a few months. Although I’d wasted thousands on solutions and products before I found AlumierMD and I didn’t want anyone to go through what I did. As a result, I shared my personal story with Shola and explained I knew exactly how she was feeling, and I could help without the stress and price tag.


After looking at Shola’s skin and carrying out a thorough skin consultation, we knew it would be best to start introducing some AlumierMD home-care products to prepare the skin and get the skin familiar with the new products/ingredients. The products are medical-grade and prescribed from us, they included acne clarifying cleanser, acne balancing serum and SPF. Both the cleanser and serum contain salicylic acid which is an Alpha-Hydroxy acid, vital for clearing up acne and preventing new breakouts. The salicylic acid, unlike glycolic acid, is water-soluble so can go through your pores and kill the bacteria which is causing the breakouts. The SPF is the most important product, which acts as a protective barrier for the skin against UVB rays.

We also advised Shola to start off with 3 sessions of our Luxury Medical Facials by AlumierMD, a medical-grade facial that includes medical microdermabrasion, AlumierMD Bespoke Masks, and Radiant 10/20 Salicylic & Lactic Acid Chemical Skin Peel. From the consultation, Shola trusted us and was more than happy with our treatment plan so decided to have treatment straight away.

Luxury Medical Facials by AlumierMD

We started off with the Medical Microdermabrasion, this is 3x more powerful than your standard microdermabrasion. The machine uses small crystals which exfoliate dead skin cells helping with blackheads, whiteheads, acne scarring, and fine lines & wrinkles. It also brightened up the skin and prepared it for the chemical skin peel.

Then an Enzyme Retexturing Face mask was applied to the skin for 5-minutes which contains fruit enzymes and active ingredients. This helps further exfoliate the skin and helps reduce pigmentation. The mask is relaxing and contains calming ingredients, which soothes the skin after the microdermabrasion.

Lastly, the Radiant 10/20 Chemical Peel was applied to the skin for 15-minutes. As well as salicylic acid this peel also contains lactic acid which speeds up this process with further deeper exfoliation. The pores were instantly tightened and skin was glowing after this. Finally, the peel is neutralised and the brightening accelerator serum, recovery balm and SPF was massaged into the skin.

During the treatment, Shola said her skin felt a little warm with the peel being slightly stingy but there was no pain. Shola also said her skin was slightly red but felt refreshing and glowing afterward.

Results: After The Treatment

Over the next few weeks, Shola had been using her new AlumierMD products and had 3 sessions of her Luxury Medical Facial. She is having fewer breakouts, scarring has cleared and she is wearing less makeup.

It has been a pleasure to not only see the change in Shola’s skin but her confidence and general happiness over the last few weeks. We have now started treating Shola with our medium depth peel, The Glow Peel. She has seen some great results with this and visible peeling, which is good news as it helps the skin to rejuvenate and repair and to help new skin cells be created.

Shola said “I love the AlumierMD products and can't go a day without them. I feel so much more confident and happier with my skin but want to have more treatments to improve it further.”

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Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog, where we will be discussing The Glow Peel by AlumierMD.

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