Anna Roe’s Chemical Skin Peel Journey

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Anna got in touch with us after she had read about AlumierMD Chemical Skin Peels and the positive results on acne prone skin. She particularly was interested in ‘The Glow Peel’, at her first consultation Anna explained she had been suffering from breakouts, textured/congested skin and spots under the skin. From analysing the skin, we recommended due to the breakouts and scaring to start with the Luxury Medical Facial by AlumierMD. This will prepare the skin for stronger peels such as, The Glow Peel.

Luxury Medical Facial By AlumierMDl

The Luxury Medical Facial includes 3 sessions of the Radiant 10/20 Chemical Peel, Medical Microdermabrasion and bespoke AlumierMD face mask. Although before any peel we need to prepare the skin so a good home-care regime is crucial. This will not only prepare the skin for the stronger peel but to avoid the skin becoming sensitive or reacting negatively to it. Anna decided to go ahead with the 3 sessions, which took place every fortnight for the best results.

We started with the Medical Microdermabrasion which gently exfoliated the skin, removing dead skin cells and boosted rejuvenation of new skin cells, thus brought clear skin to the forefront. We then applied The AQUA Infusion Mask by AlumierMD for 5 minutes to prepare the skin for the peel and add moisture for dehydrated areas of the skin.

After Anna’s first couple of sessions, her skin was looking much clearer and the spots under the skin were reduced as you can see below.

Anna Roe Before & After.PNG
Anna Roe Before & After.jpeg

How does a chemical skin peel work? 

The Chemical Skin Peel gets rid of bacteria in the pores, we are all prone to collecting bacteria in our pores, although some more than most due to larger pores and this can cause breakouts and textured skin. When the chemical peel was applied to Anna’s skin, the salicylic and lactic acid in the peel reacted with the proteins in her skin and caused a deeper exfoliation which kills the bacteria.

We asked Anna how she felt during the treatment; she said the peel felt slightly warm and stingy for the first couple of minutes and then reduced.

After the peel, Anna’s skin was a little red but we reassured her it would go down after a couple of hours, just like waxing or threading. In addition, she saw some peeling of skin around her nose which is normal due to dead skin cells being removed. 

Home-Care Regime

Before we booked her in for further treatments, we understood the home skincare regime would be crucial yet it seemed overwhelming, you may worry which products to use and when. Extra time is allowed for us to sit with you and go through the best products tailored for your skin.

Anna came back from her reviews, she was surprised and impressed by the results. In the review sessions, we analysed her skin, gradually removed or added new products as new skin cells formulate to give Anna the best chance of clear skin.  

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Results: After The Treatment 

Anna completed her 3 sessions of the Luxury Medical Facial by AlumierMD and couldn’t believe her skin was looking much healthier, she had fewer breakouts and was feeling great. To keep the momentum and give her the chance of the best long-term result we updated Anna’s home-care products with an Enzymatic Peel to use at home, This would help with any under the skin spots she may still have.

The Enzymatic Peel is an at home chemical peel using 10% lactic acid, it can be used x2 week and applied for 15-mins like a mask. It’s great for a chemical exfoliation rather than using scrubs, which can irritate the skin and cause further breakouts. We also recommended Retinol Serum, which is used x1 day at night to increase the collagen in the skin and naturally exfoliate dead skin cells making the skin plump and glowing.

Anna decided to have 3 sessions of The Glow Peel for the next step and final step of her skin journey.

What is a Glow Peel? 

Well from personal experience, there is no peel like it! It contains a combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol and is self-neutralising. Similar to most AlumierMD treatments, it’s ideal for textured skin and breakouts, as the dead skin cells are exfoliated and new cell turnover is boosted to promote collagen production. The glow peel is tailored to your needs and can be customisable with how many layers are applied. What makes the glow peel different is that it works deeper under the skin meaning you will see some peeling after treatment.

The Glow Peel by AlumierMD 

Anna had 3 sessions of The Glow Peel combined with the Medical Microdermabrasion building up to 3 layers of the peel and a Vitamin A boost.

The Vitamin A speeds up cell turnover and skin renewal for a faster result. Anna found the peel quite stingy but bearable and her skin was visibly red after the treatment but as always it reduced after a couple of hours. You are unable to get the skin wet for 8 hours after the peel, so the best time to get it done is in the evening. 

Anna definitely saw more skin peeling with this treatment within the first 2 weeks, and felt her skin had improved even more. The breakouts were minimum and textured skin had become smoother. She will now be maintaining her skin with the AlumierMD home-care products and regular chemical peels.


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