Lucy's Nasolabial Smile Lines and Lip Filler Experience

Meet Lucy, she came to our practice in Luton for the first time approximately 6 months ago for dermal filler to treat her nasolabial fold lines, also known as smile lines and we wanted to share her results and journey over the months.

Many women come to us for this dermal filler treatment as they find their nasolabial fold lines (smile lines) become more noticeable as they hit their mid 30’s and get saggier and deeper lines.

She had become self-conscious of the lines from her nose to mouth becoming deeper and found her make-up was creasing in her smile lines. In addition, it was difficult to keep it looking smooth and even, as a result, she decided to have lip fillers to give them a little more volume.

The Botox and dermal filler treatments are ideal as a preventative measure, the earlier you treat and frequently review with your practitioner to target these areas the better - the results will last longer and look visually natural. For those of you thinking of smile lines treatment, once you’ve had the initial treatment you will eventually only need a small amount of dermal filler maybe once a year.

Before & After Smile Lines, Dermal Treatment

Before & After Smile Lines, Dermal Treatment

Before & After Lip Filler & Smile Lines, Dermal Filler

Before & After Lip Filler & Smile Lines, Dermal Filler

Lucy had previously visited a practitioner but wasn’t too happy with the experience and results. “With the previous practitioner I felt really rushed and none of the risks were explained! I felt like I was in and out so quickly and the filler didn’t last as long”.

After her first time with us, she was happy with the results and preferred to build up more filler, for a longer lasting result and the second time we recommended 1ml Juvederm filler in the Nasolabial lines and lips, which restores facial contours and improve signs of ageing.

You should always give yourself enough time for your treatment, we recommend arriving a little earlier, so you have enough time should be given to answer any questions or worries. For example, we advise our clients to arrive a little earlier and we explain the benefits, risks, and process of the treatment during a thorough consultation.

Nasolabial Fold Lines (Smile Lines) & Lip Filler

Prior to Lucy's treatment, an instant numbing cream was applied to both Nasolabial lines and lips to make the treatment more comfortable. During the treatment, the VIBRATA by Dr. Simon Ourian was used to help massage the area and reduce any pain and it’s proven to reduce bruising/swelling post treatment.

A very small amount of filler was carefully injected into the areas creating a smooth and youthful appearance for the Nasolabial lines. Then the Juvederm filler was injected into the lips creating defined borders and a plumped volume. The areas were massaged gently to spread the filler evenly and prevent any lumps. Finally, arnica gel was provided to Lucy to use at home, which will help with the healing process.

The Nasolabial lines (smile lines) and lip filler can last up to 6 to 12 months, with most of our clients coming back at 8 + months. We always recommend keeping these areas topped up regularly for best results, so don’t forget to come back for your reviews where a top up of filler can be given.

Client Feedback

Lucy felt great after her treatment and said “I felt no pain. The VIBRATA is so good, I’ve never had that anywhere else and it makes a massive difference. Wow, I am so happy with the results”.

If you have any questions about Nasolabial filler (smile lines), lip fillers or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K