Nikki's Story: Smile Line Filler Treatment

Due to the recent stories shared in documentaries about aesthetic treatments going horribly wrong, we’ve decided to let you in the secret world of aesthetics and share the process live with our clients. The series of blog posts and Instagram live streams should help you to know when you’re in safe hands or not, wherever you are in the UK. If you missed out, last week we shared Claire’s experience of lip filler and gummy smile treatment; and this week we are sharing Nikki’s experience with our smile line filler treatment.

We recently met the lovely Nikki, a Fitness Manager, who came to see us all the way from Northampton. Nikki wasn’t sure what to expect as it was the first time she was having the Nasolabial Filler, also known as ‘smile line fillers.’ Although she did mention she had previously had Botox, but a few years ago and never experienced any treatment with dermal filler, which is different to Botox.

Meet Nikki (Before Smile Line Fillers)

Meet Nikki (Before Smile Line Fillers)

As always we carried out a thorough consultation, where we explained the benefits, risks and process of this treatment as we did with Claire’s treatment in the previous blog post. During the consultation, Nikki explained she wanted to feel and look better especially as she works long hours as a manager facing people daily, and was becoming more conscious of her appearance and lines developing around her mouth over time.

If you’re experiencing the same and wondering why this happens over time, well, the volume is lost over time due to factors such as age, stress and even exercise. Juvederm Filler is used to naturally replace the volume. This filler contains hyaluronic acid which naturally plumps up the skin aiding you to look more youthful. This particular type of filler can last 6 to 12 months. Although, as Nikki exercises regularly due to her long hours as a Fitness Manager, we pre-warned her that the filler might not last as long as other clients due to the filler breaking down quickly as the body metabolises.

Nikki was now aware she may need to come back for more regular top ups to maintain her full and youthful appearance and was still happy to go ahead.


As always before we started we used instant numbing and used the world-renowned VIBRATA by Dr. Simon Ourian, which reduces not only the pain but swelling and bruising around the nose and mouth. We proceeded with Juvederm Ultra 3 1ml Filler, which contains natural hyaluronic acid that instantly smooths out the lines particularly well around the mouth. This is then followed by massaging the area throughout the treatment and after, which is a crucial element so all the filler is evenly spread into the area and no bumps or lumps occur.


Finally, our favourite bit we showed Nikki and demonstrated how she needed to massage at home for the next few days with the arnica gel we provided her.

Nikki said, “Wow, it looks so much smoother and I felt no pain during the procedure!”

In the end, full aftercare was given to Nikki as well as arnica gel which would help with the healing process. The treatment is great as downtime is at a minimum (heals quickly) and make-up can be worn after 12 hours.

The pictures show the instant difference filler has made, Nikki was very happy with the treatment and we look forward to seeing her again for her review.

Nikki After Smile Lines

Nikki After Smile Lines


If you're still unsure about smile line filler treatment or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K