Claire’s Story: Gummy Smile & Lip Filler Treatment

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about unqualified practitioners carrying out Lip Filler, Botox and other aesthetic treatments and it going wrong. As qualified and trained aesthetics specialists based in Bedfordshire we are sharing the process with you. Join us as we share our client's experience, what should be happening, and what to expect no matter where you are in the UK. If you missed the procedures on Instagram live, don’t worry we have it right here.

Claire came to us feeling self-conscious about her gummy smile; a gummy smile is where the gums are overly exposed when smiling and the upper lip seems to be non-existent.

We usually recommend a small amount of Botox on the upper lip area but results are much more effective if the treatment is combined with lip filler. This is because the lips are also given a fuller appearance and definition.

As a Teaching Assistant, Claire is always smiling, laughing and talking with people and aware of it. She explained from a young age she hated taking photos; she has always been aware and uncomfortable because of her gummy smile and avoids smiling at all.

During the consultation we advised Claire of the benefits, risks e.g. bruising/swelling and process of the treatment. For instance, with the gummy smile we use Botox and a 2-week review is carried out where a top up can be done if needed. Gummy smile Botox is an advanced procedure and must be done with care. Too much Botox in the area can restrict mouth movement, talking and eating. As qualified and trained practitioners, we only insert a particular amount which varies for each client and then topped up after 2 weeks if needed.

The next stage was lip fillers, Claire was aware her top lip was naturally thin and we recommended building up with more filler over time. We both came to the decision to start with 0.5ml Juvederm filler as it was her first time.


Gummy Smile

We went ahead with the instant numbing cream and the gummy smile Botox which does not take long. Essentially, the area is cleaned and marked; followed up a new fine needle that injects a small amount of Botox on the upper lip area.

Claire added she was feeling very anxious and worried about the pain It didn’t help that as she did not know what to expect as it was her first time having any sort of aesthetic treatment. Although, we helped her relax so she was comfortable and felt no pain, thanks to our numbing cream which instantly made a difference. Here is the before and after of the gummy smile botox and 0.5ml lip filler treatment.

Lip Filler

The lip filler process takes slightly longer, hyaluronic acid is injected around the border of the lips to add more volume. The VIBRATA by Dr. Simon Ourian used by specialists creates a more comfortable experience, massaging the area as the filler was injected.

After the procedure, a full massage was done and some visual bruising and swelling occurred although Claire mentioned she bruises easily and understood the risks before the treatment was done. Also, she was reassured after the treatment as the skin recovers within days. We also recommended ice and arnica gel to use and an aftercare sheet was provided.


Claire left with a spring in her step, smiling and ready to take Instagram photos with her friend.

“I felt minimum pain and feel like the treatment has made an impact straight away. I was nervous but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

We love making our clients happy and look forward to seeing Claire in 2-weeks for her review and we will be sure to keep you updated on her progress and results.

If you're still unsure about gummy smile or lip filler treatment or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K