Nina Bizaki's Story with Cheek Fillers

Meet the lovely Nina, she has been coming to us for the last year and we genuinely love seeing her and our regulars. It’s as if you’re seeing your friends, catching up with them and being on their journey and that’s exactly how we felt with Nina.

She initially came to us for lip fillers and after getting to know us, she knew she could trust us and decided to have the cheek fillers treatment.

After a couple of months Nina shared how she felt with us. It was as if over time the volume in her cheeks had slowly reduced and her face was starting to look smaller, as a result, it was affecting her life. As a Finance Advisor, she wanted to feel confident when she was in front of clients. She came to us to enhance her natural features and add volume to her cheeks.

Scientific research also shows hyaluronic acid is naturally presented in the cheeks, yet over time it reduces as you age. Many celebrities and influencers use cheek fillers as they contain hyaluronic acid which temporarily replaces this volume- giving you a lifted and youthful look.

We advised her we don’t recommend plastic surgery due to the risks and long-term implications, instead our cheek filler treatment was an ideal solution.

We use only the best dermal fillers; ‘Juvederm’ which can last from 6-12 months. During the procedure a small amount of cheek filler is injected evenly onto the cheekbone for natural results. The more you build up the fillers over time, the longer the effects will last. Nina decided to build up her cheekbones over time with 0.5ml Juvederm filler. The pictures below show how her cheeks looked before and immediately after treatment . You will be able to notice how her cheekbones are lifted and more defined.

Nina returned for a top up every 3-months over the last 12 months to achieve the volume and maintain it. We specialise in natural enhancement, so the treatment is never drastic. Also, the fillers we use are reversible and carry minimum side effects as they have been used and tested on for a very long time.

Many women and men ask us how painful are cheek fillers and we always like to share, if you go to a trained and qualified practice, they should use instant numbing cream prior to the treatment and the industry’s best fillers which also contain anaesthetic. The best practices use our VIBRATA by the world famous Dr. Simon Ourian so you will feel minimum to no pain during the procedure.

“I felt no pain, the treatment was quick and I was made to feel incredibly relaxed.”

Nina went on to explain the cheek fillers has given her a subtle enhancement, whilst adding that volume back to her cheeks. Even her close friends noticed a difference in her from confidence and appearance, but could not put their finger on it. She said that’s exactly what she wanted, discrete beauty enhancement and it feels great.

Thank you for letting us share your journey Nina and I hope it helps many of you too. If you're still unsure about cheek or lip (dermal) fillers or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Don’t worry, we are a qualified and trusted practice so you know you’re always in safe hands with Escape Aesthetics.

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