Anna McCarthy’s Botox Story
Before & After Botox Treatment for the Crows Feet (lines around the eyes)

Before & After Botox Treatment for the Crows Feet (lines around the eyes)


Anna came to us a couple of years ago worried about her fine lines and wrinkles on her forehead, frown line and around the eyes. She had heard about BOTOX® treatment but this was her first time having it done. We carried out a thorough consultation with our nurse prescriber who has over 20 years experience. She explained what BOTOX® is, which areas can be treated and when is the best time to start having BOTOX® treatment.

For anyone that is unaware of what BOTOX® is – it is a prescribed drug that temporarily paralyses the muscles. We use very fine injections to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin which show signs of ageing and can make you look tired or even angry. The more expressive you are, the deeper the lines can become. Overtime, collagen production slows down and the problem can become worse as we are less able to repair the damage.

The main areas that can be treated with BOTOX® are: The forehead lines when you raise your eyebrows, the lines in between your eyebrows when you frown and the lines around the eyes when you smile. We also offer advanced BOTOX® treatments which are: the eyebrow lift, BOTOX® for teeth grinding/jaw slimming, gummy smile correction and excessive sweating BOTOX®

If you would like to know more about the gummy smile botox don’t forget to check out Claire’s Gummy Smile Botox & Lip Filler Story

So, you may ask when is the best time to target these areas?

Preventative treatment is very important and can be provided in your 20’s and 30’s to prevent wrinkles occurring and fine lines becoming fixed when relaxed.  If you leave the areas to be treated too late and the lines are already present when you are relaxed, they may not be able to be treated with BOTOX® and you may require more invasive treatment.

Botox is a very quick, easy, painless and non surgical treatment so you want to try and target your most expressive areas sooner rather than later!

Anna was happy with her consultation and decided to have the BOTOX® treatment. Before we started we wiped the area removing any make-up and marked the zones of injection. The treatment is painless and only takes a few minutes. Once done a post-care advice sheet is given to take away. It is always important to remember BOTOX® is not instant. You will start feeling the stiffness at around 5-7 days but the full effect takes up to 2 weeks.

Before & After Botox Treatment for the Forehead Lines

Before & After Botox Treatment for the Forehead Lines


We always refrain from ‘the frozen look’ and make sure as with our other treatments your results are as natural as can be. To do this, we simply inject the correct dose of BOTOX® into the marked areas and ask you to come back for a complimentary 2- week review and top up if needed. At this appointment, we can review how the BOTOX® has worked and add a little more if required.

Anna said “wow, I could hardly feel anything and it was over so quickly!”

Anna came to see us for her 2-week review and was very pleased with her results. She said her confidence had grown and she felt so much younger! We advised to keep up with regular top ups every 3-6 months as the more you have the treatment the longer the effects can last.

If you’re still unsure about BOTOX® treatment or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact or book your free consultation.




Anna Roe’s Chemical Skin Peel Journey
Anna Roe.jpeg

Anna got in touch with us after she had read about AlumierMD Chemical Skin Peels and the positive results on acne prone skin. She particularly was interested in ‘The Glow Peel’, at her first consultation Anna explained she had been suffering from breakouts, textured/congested skin and spots under the skin. From analysing the skin, we recommended due to the breakouts and scaring to start with the Luxury Medical Facial by AlumierMD. This will prepare the skin for stronger peels such as, The Glow Peel.

Luxury Medical Facial By AlumierMDl

The Luxury Medical Facial includes 3 sessions of the Radiant 10/20 Chemical Peel, Medical Microdermabrasion and bespoke AlumierMD face mask. Although before any peel we need to prepare the skin so a good home-care regime is crucial. This will not only prepare the skin for the stronger peel but to avoid the skin becoming sensitive or reacting negatively to it. Anna decided to go ahead with the 3 sessions, which took place every fortnight for the best results.

We started with the Medical Microdermabrasion which gently exfoliated the skin, removing dead skin cells and boosted rejuvenation of new skin cells, thus brought clear skin to the forefront. We then applied The AQUA Infusion Mask by AlumierMD for 5 minutes to prepare the skin for the peel and add moisture for dehydrated areas of the skin.

After Anna’s first couple of sessions, her skin was looking much clearer and the spots under the skin were reduced as you can see below.

Anna Roe Before & After.PNG
Anna Roe Before & After.jpeg

How does a chemical skin peel work? 

The Chemical Skin Peel gets rid of bacteria in the pores, we are all prone to collecting bacteria in our pores, although some more than most due to larger pores and this can cause breakouts and textured skin. When the chemical peel was applied to Anna’s skin, the salicylic and lactic acid in the peel reacted with the proteins in her skin and caused a deeper exfoliation which kills the bacteria.

We asked Anna how she felt during the treatment; she said the peel felt slightly warm and stingy for the first couple of minutes and then reduced.

After the peel, Anna’s skin was a little red but we reassured her it would go down after a couple of hours, just like waxing or threading. In addition, she saw some peeling of skin around her nose which is normal due to dead skin cells being removed. 

Home-Care Regime

Before we booked her in for further treatments, we understood the home skincare regime would be crucial yet it seemed overwhelming, you may worry which products to use and when. Extra time is allowed for us to sit with you and go through the best products tailored for your skin.

Anna came back from her reviews, she was surprised and impressed by the results. In the review sessions, we analysed her skin, gradually removed or added new products as new skin cells formulate to give Anna the best chance of clear skin.  

AR Review.jpeg

Results: After The Treatment 

Anna completed her 3 sessions of the Luxury Medical Facial by AlumierMD and couldn’t believe her skin was looking much healthier, she had fewer breakouts and was feeling great. To keep the momentum and give her the chance of the best long-term result we updated Anna’s home-care products with an Enzymatic Peel to use at home, This would help with any under the skin spots she may still have.

The Enzymatic Peel is an at home chemical peel using 10% lactic acid, it can be used x2 week and applied for 15-mins like a mask. It’s great for a chemical exfoliation rather than using scrubs, which can irritate the skin and cause further breakouts. We also recommended Retinol Serum, which is used x1 day at night to increase the collagen in the skin and naturally exfoliate dead skin cells making the skin plump and glowing.

Anna decided to have 3 sessions of The Glow Peel for the next step and final step of her skin journey.

What is a Glow Peel? 

Well from personal experience, there is no peel like it! It contains a combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol and is self-neutralising. Similar to most AlumierMD treatments, it’s ideal for textured skin and breakouts, as the dead skin cells are exfoliated and new cell turnover is boosted to promote collagen production. The glow peel is tailored to your needs and can be customisable with how many layers are applied. What makes the glow peel different is that it works deeper under the skin meaning you will see some peeling after treatment.

The Glow Peel by AlumierMD 

Anna had 3 sessions of The Glow Peel combined with the Medical Microdermabrasion building up to 3 layers of the peel and a Vitamin A boost.

The Vitamin A speeds up cell turnover and skin renewal for a faster result. Anna found the peel quite stingy but bearable and her skin was visibly red after the treatment but as always it reduced after a couple of hours. You are unable to get the skin wet for 8 hours after the peel, so the best time to get it done is in the evening. 

Anna definitely saw more skin peeling with this treatment within the first 2 weeks, and felt her skin had improved even more. The breakouts were minimum and textured skin had become smoother. She will now be maintaining her skin with the AlumierMD home-care products and regular chemical peels.


Our next clients story explains how our Luxury Medical Facial and AlumierMD products helped clear her moderate acne. Click to have a read of Shola’s story.

If you’re still unsure about having any of our skin treatments or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch or you can book your free skin consultation >

Sara K
Shola’s skin Journey - Acne Skin To Clear Skin

The lovely Shola, a vibrant university student, came to us at Escape Aesthetics a few months ago with her mum as she had been looking for a clinic that specialised in treating acne. She had tried everything and felt as if she wasn’t getting any closer to clearer skin.

Shola had been suffering from acne for a few years and started feeling very down and insecure. In her first appointment with us, she was wearing a full coverage foundation to cover her skin. Although, a few sessions later she was hardly wearing any makeup and her skin was looking clearer and naturally glowing. Most importantly her self-esteem, confidence and general happiness had changed due to her skin getting better. Read on to find out what treatment and home-care products transformed Shola’s skin.

Shola Mckenzie Forehead.PNG
Shola Mckenzie Face.PNG
Shola Mckenzie Face 2.PNG

At Shola’s initial consultation she told us she always wears a lot of makeup and a thick foundation to cover her breakouts and acne scarring. She was looking for a long-term solution to help her get rid of the problem, so she didn’t have to wear layers of makeup.

Most of you know by now, I have a strong passion when it comes to our acne patients, as I’ve had the same skin problem and felt it was consuming my life. Luckily I overcame it when establishing Escape Aesthetics and the medical chemical peels. If you suffer from acne and have not read my personal blog post, I would highly recommend reading it as I share my acne battles and journey to find a solution.

Yes, I also suffered from acne and the AlumierMD home-care products and treatments I discovered cleared my acne within a few months. Although I’d wasted thousands on solutions and products before I found AlumierMD and I didn’t want anyone to go through what I did. As a result, I shared my personal story with Shola and explained I knew exactly how she was feeling, and I could help without the stress and price tag.


After looking at Shola’s skin and carrying out a thorough skin consultation, we knew it would be best to start introducing some AlumierMD home-care products to prepare the skin and get the skin familiar with the new products/ingredients. The products are medical-grade and prescribed from us, they included acne clarifying cleanser, acne balancing serum and SPF. Both the cleanser and serum contain salicylic acid which is an Alpha-Hydroxy acid, vital for clearing up acne and preventing new breakouts. The salicylic acid, unlike glycolic acid, is water-soluble so can go through your pores and kill the bacteria which is causing the breakouts. The SPF is the most important product, which acts as a protective barrier for the skin against UVB rays.

We also advised Shola to start off with 3 sessions of our Luxury Medical Facials by AlumierMD, a medical-grade facial that includes medical microdermabrasion, AlumierMD Bespoke Masks, and Radiant 10/20 Salicylic & Lactic Acid Chemical Skin Peel. From the consultation, Shola trusted us and was more than happy with our treatment plan so decided to have treatment straight away.

Luxury Medical Facials by AlumierMD

We started off with the Medical Microdermabrasion, this is 3x more powerful than your standard microdermabrasion. The machine uses small crystals which exfoliate dead skin cells helping with blackheads, whiteheads, acne scarring, and fine lines & wrinkles. It also brightened up the skin and prepared it for the chemical skin peel.

Then an Enzyme Retexturing Face mask was applied to the skin for 5-minutes which contains fruit enzymes and active ingredients. This helps further exfoliate the skin and helps reduce pigmentation. The mask is relaxing and contains calming ingredients, which soothes the skin after the microdermabrasion.

Lastly, the Radiant 10/20 Chemical Peel was applied to the skin for 15-minutes. As well as salicylic acid this peel also contains lactic acid which speeds up this process with further deeper exfoliation. The pores were instantly tightened and skin was glowing after this. Finally, the peel is neutralised and the brightening accelerator serum, recovery balm and SPF was massaged into the skin.

During the treatment, Shola said her skin felt a little warm with the peel being slightly stingy but there was no pain. Shola also said her skin was slightly red but felt refreshing and glowing afterward.

Results: After The Treatment

Over the next few weeks, Shola had been using her new AlumierMD products and had 3 sessions of her Luxury Medical Facial. She is having fewer breakouts, scarring has cleared and she is wearing less makeup.

It has been a pleasure to not only see the change in Shola’s skin but her confidence and general happiness over the last few weeks. We have now started treating Shola with our medium depth peel, The Glow Peel. She has seen some great results with this and visible peeling, which is good news as it helps the skin to rejuvenate and repair and to help new skin cells be created.

Shola said “I love the AlumierMD products and can't go a day without them. I feel so much more confident and happier with my skin but want to have more treatments to improve it further.”

SM Quote.jpeg

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog, where we will be discussing The Glow Peel by AlumierMD.

If acne or any other skin condition is affecting your confidence or you have any questions about our skin treatments, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation >

Sara K
Amanda’s Luxury Medical Facial by AlumierMD
Before AlumierMD Chemical Skin Peel

Before AlumierMD Chemical Skin Peel

No Makeup After AlumierMD Chemical Skin Peel

No Makeup After AlumierMD Chemical Skin Peel

Amanda, one of our regular clients, an Accountant from Watford comes to us for Lip Fillers, although this time she visited us conscious of her skin. She had heard about our AlumierMD Chemical Peels and mentioned it her lip filler appointment to see if we could help her.

Amanda’s main concerns were the recent acne breakouts, large pores, and pigmentations. Having suffered from acne myself for over several years and having 5 months of clear skin due to a revolutionary range of chemical peels, AlumierMD products, and chemical peel treatments. As a result, I was super excited to treat Amanda and help her get to her goal of clear skin. 

“I am unable to leave the house without make-up”. 

We always recommend a consultation before having any treatment and saw Amanda for a skin consultation, where we recommended the most suitable AlumierMD home-care products tailored to her skin type and condition.

All the products included special medical ingredients and SPF, which acts as a layer of protection for your skin and will help prevent pigmentation from sun damage and is vital after having any skin treatments such as standard facials; lasers or chemical skin peels as the skin can become more sensitive to sun/light damage.

There was no pressure to buy the products but we recommend for best long-term results. Then the details were personally emailed to Amanda, where she could click on the link and order directly straight to her house. Basically, the products can be purchased directly from the AlumierMD website, as they are medical grade (establishments that operate under a physician's license) and the products can only be purchased from your medical professional outlets.

Skin Before AlumierMD

Skin Before AlumierMD

Our bespoke AlumierMD facials are tailored to each individual client needs and we recommended 3 to 6 sessions for a significant change to the skin. Amanda decided to opt for our Luxury Medical Facial by AlumierMD, which contains Medical Microdermabrasion and two revolutionary skin treatments.

1. Medical Microdermabrasion

For Amanda, we used the Medical Microdermabrasion, a 3 times more powerful than your standard microdermabrasion. The machine uses small crystals that exfoliate dead skin cells helping with blackheads, whiteheads, acne scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles. I particularly love it as it brightens up tired, dull skin and prepares the skin for the chemical skin peel.

2. AlumierMD Face Mask 

Then an enzyme retexturing face mask was applied to the skin for approximately 5 minutes. This contains fruit enzymes and active ingredients, which helps further exfoliate the skin and helps reduce pigmentation. The mask is relaxing and contains calming ingredients, which soothes the skin after the microdermabrasion

3. AlumierMD Chemical Skin Peel

Last but not least, the radiant 10/20 chemical peels were applied to the skin for approximately 15 minutes, it contains salicylic acid which is water soluble so can go through the open pores getting rid of bacteria that is causing acne breakouts. In addition, it contains lactic acid and speeds up this process with further deeper exfoliation, as a result, the pores will be instantly tightened and skin will be glowing. To finish we prepare the skin with recovery balm and SPF is massaged into the skin.  

After the skin has cooled down you see instant results, Amanda’s skin was glowing after the treatment after it was slightly red of course, which would go down after an hour or so similar to waxing.

Amanda said, “The treatment was relaxing. There was no burning, just slightly hot but I am happy with the results after my first treatment.” 

Skin Immediately After AlumierMD

Skin Immediately After AlumierMD

We followed up with Amanda a week after her first AlumierMD Chemical Skin Peel and she was feeling great. She said her skin feels much brighter and breakouts are definitely improving and can’t wait to see results as the days go on.

We’re really happy as it gave Amanda the confidence to go out without any make-up. Just take a look at her skin below, it looks flawless.

Skin After 1-Day With Makeup

Skin After 1-Day With Makeup

Skin 5-Days With No Makeup After AlumierMD

Skin 5-Days With No Makeup After AlumierMD

If you have any questions about AlumierMD, our chemical skin peel treatments or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K
Lucy's Nasolabial Smile Lines and Lip Filler Experience

Meet Lucy, she came to our practice in Luton for the first time approximately 6 months ago for dermal filler to treat her nasolabial fold lines, also known as smile lines and we wanted to share her results and journey over the months.

Many women come to us for this dermal filler treatment as they find their nasolabial fold lines (smile lines) become more noticeable as they hit their mid 30’s and get saggier and deeper lines.

She had become self-conscious of the lines from her nose to mouth becoming deeper and found her make-up was creasing in her smile lines. In addition, it was difficult to keep it looking smooth and even, as a result, she decided to have lip fillers to give them a little more volume.

The Botox and dermal filler treatments are ideal as a preventative measure, the earlier you treat and frequently review with your practitioner to target these areas the better - the results will last longer and look visually natural. For those of you thinking of smile lines treatment, once you’ve had the initial treatment you will eventually only need a small amount of dermal filler maybe once a year.

Before & After Smile Lines, Dermal Treatment

Before & After Smile Lines, Dermal Treatment

Before & After Lip Filler & Smile Lines, Dermal Filler

Before & After Lip Filler & Smile Lines, Dermal Filler

Lucy had previously visited a practitioner but wasn’t too happy with the experience and results. “With the previous practitioner I felt really rushed and none of the risks were explained! I felt like I was in and out so quickly and the filler didn’t last as long”.

After her first time with us, she was happy with the results and preferred to build up more filler, for a longer lasting result and the second time we recommended 1ml Juvederm filler in the Nasolabial lines and lips, which restores facial contours and improve signs of ageing.

You should always give yourself enough time for your treatment, we recommend arriving a little earlier, so you have enough time should be given to answer any questions or worries. For example, we advise our clients to arrive a little earlier and we explain the benefits, risks, and process of the treatment during a thorough consultation.

Nasolabial Fold Lines (Smile Lines) & Lip Filler

Prior to Lucy's treatment, an instant numbing cream was applied to both Nasolabial lines and lips to make the treatment more comfortable. During the treatment, the VIBRATA by Dr. Simon Ourian was used to help massage the area and reduce any pain and it’s proven to reduce bruising/swelling post treatment.

A very small amount of filler was carefully injected into the areas creating a smooth and youthful appearance for the Nasolabial lines. Then the Juvederm filler was injected into the lips creating defined borders and a plumped volume. The areas were massaged gently to spread the filler evenly and prevent any lumps. Finally, arnica gel was provided to Lucy to use at home, which will help with the healing process.

The Nasolabial lines (smile lines) and lip filler can last up to 6 to 12 months, with most of our clients coming back at 8 + months. We always recommend keeping these areas topped up regularly for best results, so don’t forget to come back for your reviews where a top up of filler can be given.

Client Feedback

Lucy felt great after her treatment and said “I felt no pain. The VIBRATA is so good, I’ve never had that anywhere else and it makes a massive difference. Wow, I am so happy with the results”.

If you have any questions about Nasolabial filler (smile lines), lip fillers or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K
Nikki's Story: Smile Line Filler Treatment

Due to the recent stories shared in documentaries about aesthetic treatments going horribly wrong, we’ve decided to let you in the secret world of aesthetics and share the process live with our clients. The series of blog posts and Instagram live streams should help you to know when you’re in safe hands or not, wherever you are in the UK. If you missed out, last week we shared Claire’s experience of lip filler and gummy smile treatment; and this week we are sharing Nikki’s experience with our smile line filler treatment.

We recently met the lovely Nikki, a Fitness Manager, who came to see us all the way from Northampton. Nikki wasn’t sure what to expect as it was the first time she was having the Nasolabial Filler, also known as ‘smile line fillers.’ Although she did mention she had previously had Botox, but a few years ago and never experienced any treatment with dermal filler, which is different to Botox.

Meet Nikki (Before Smile Line Fillers)

Meet Nikki (Before Smile Line Fillers)

As always we carried out a thorough consultation, where we explained the benefits, risks and process of this treatment as we did with Claire’s treatment in the previous blog post. During the consultation, Nikki explained she wanted to feel and look better especially as she works long hours as a manager facing people daily, and was becoming more conscious of her appearance and lines developing around her mouth over time.

If you’re experiencing the same and wondering why this happens over time, well, the volume is lost over time due to factors such as age, stress and even exercise. Juvederm Filler is used to naturally replace the volume. This filler contains hyaluronic acid which naturally plumps up the skin aiding you to look more youthful. This particular type of filler can last 6 to 12 months. Although, as Nikki exercises regularly due to her long hours as a Fitness Manager, we pre-warned her that the filler might not last as long as other clients due to the filler breaking down quickly as the body metabolises.

Nikki was now aware she may need to come back for more regular top ups to maintain her full and youthful appearance and was still happy to go ahead.


As always before we started we used instant numbing and used the world-renowned VIBRATA by Dr. Simon Ourian, which reduces not only the pain but swelling and bruising around the nose and mouth. We proceeded with Juvederm Ultra 3 1ml Filler, which contains natural hyaluronic acid that instantly smooths out the lines particularly well around the mouth. This is then followed by massaging the area throughout the treatment and after, which is a crucial element so all the filler is evenly spread into the area and no bumps or lumps occur.


Finally, our favourite bit we showed Nikki and demonstrated how she needed to massage at home for the next few days with the arnica gel we provided her.

Nikki said, “Wow, it looks so much smoother and I felt no pain during the procedure!”

In the end, full aftercare was given to Nikki as well as arnica gel which would help with the healing process. The treatment is great as downtime is at a minimum (heals quickly) and make-up can be worn after 12 hours.

The pictures show the instant difference filler has made, Nikki was very happy with the treatment and we look forward to seeing her again for her review.

Nikki After Smile Lines

Nikki After Smile Lines


If you're still unsure about smile line filler treatment or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K
Claire’s Story: Gummy Smile & Lip Filler Treatment

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about unqualified practitioners carrying out Lip Filler, Botox and other aesthetic treatments and it going wrong. As qualified and trained aesthetics specialists based in Bedfordshire we are sharing the process with you. Join us as we share our client's experience, what should be happening, and what to expect no matter where you are in the UK. If you missed the procedures on Instagram live, don’t worry we have it right here.

Claire came to us feeling self-conscious about her gummy smile; a gummy smile is where the gums are overly exposed when smiling and the upper lip seems to be non-existent.

We usually recommend a small amount of Botox on the upper lip area but results are much more effective if the treatment is combined with lip filler. This is because the lips are also given a fuller appearance and definition.

As a Teaching Assistant, Claire is always smiling, laughing and talking with people and aware of it. She explained from a young age she hated taking photos; she has always been aware and uncomfortable because of her gummy smile and avoids smiling at all.

During the consultation we advised Claire of the benefits, risks e.g. bruising/swelling and process of the treatment. For instance, with the gummy smile we use Botox and a 2-week review is carried out where a top up can be done if needed. Gummy smile Botox is an advanced procedure and must be done with care. Too much Botox in the area can restrict mouth movement, talking and eating. As qualified and trained practitioners, we only insert a particular amount which varies for each client and then topped up after 2 weeks if needed.

The next stage was lip fillers, Claire was aware her top lip was naturally thin and we recommended building up with more filler over time. We both came to the decision to start with 0.5ml Juvederm filler as it was her first time.


Gummy Smile

We went ahead with the instant numbing cream and the gummy smile Botox which does not take long. Essentially, the area is cleaned and marked; followed up a new fine needle that injects a small amount of Botox on the upper lip area.

Claire added she was feeling very anxious and worried about the pain It didn’t help that as she did not know what to expect as it was her first time having any sort of aesthetic treatment. Although, we helped her relax so she was comfortable and felt no pain, thanks to our numbing cream which instantly made a difference. Here is the before and after of the gummy smile botox and 0.5ml lip filler treatment.

Lip Filler

The lip filler process takes slightly longer, hyaluronic acid is injected around the border of the lips to add more volume. The VIBRATA by Dr. Simon Ourian used by specialists creates a more comfortable experience, massaging the area as the filler was injected.

After the procedure, a full massage was done and some visual bruising and swelling occurred although Claire mentioned she bruises easily and understood the risks before the treatment was done. Also, she was reassured after the treatment as the skin recovers within days. We also recommended ice and arnica gel to use and an aftercare sheet was provided.


Claire left with a spring in her step, smiling and ready to take Instagram photos with her friend.

“I felt minimum pain and feel like the treatment has made an impact straight away. I was nervous but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

We love making our clients happy and look forward to seeing Claire in 2-weeks for her review and we will be sure to keep you updated on her progress and results.

If you're still unsure about gummy smile or lip filler treatment or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K
Life With Acne & My Battle To Overcome It: AlumierMD Chemical Peels
Escape+Aesthetics+Acne Journey.jpg

As the Founder of Escape Aesthetics, I’ve never had to write such a difficult blog post; it’s about my personal battle with acne and the challenging journey. After speaking to my team, I’ve finally chosen to share my story with you all.

It has been 7 years since I have been suffering on and off with acne and it had got me feeling low and deflated. The main reason I started Escape Aesthetics was because I wanted to help people feel great, especially those suffering with the same condition as myself. I knew I’d be able to relate to them and help them through it, plus I’d finally found a solution which I will reveal but stay with me. 


It hasn’t been easy on my journey to get to that solution, over the years I’ve spent a ridiculous amount on skin care products, natural products, and treatments. Yes, I have tried and tested nearly all of the home remedies which are known to help acne skin. I always make sure I share my own skin care tips and knowledge with all of my clients too. I don’t want them to waste their time going through what I have for years. It soon affects your self-esteem, career, and life.


In the past, I have tried 10 sessions of standard beauty microdermabrasion but it was frustrating as I saw no difference after all the money I had spent.

I was lucky as when we started Escape Aesthetics we invested into skin care treatments for our clients. From research, we found Medical Microdermabrasion was 3 times more powerful than the ‘standard microdermabrasion’ which I had experienced in the past. As a result, I had 3 sessions of glycolic acid chemical skin peels combined with medical microdermabrasion and saw an instant difference with my skin, I had fewer breakouts and the scars were fading away.


Intolerance Test

If you suffer from acne you will know there are many other contributing factors that can cause breakouts, including diet. I’d highly recommend an intolerance test as I found out I was dairy intolerant, which was causing my acne to become aggravated. As you can understand, it was very hard to control as that meant giving up chocolate and not to mention milk and cheese which are essentials for many of us.

Even when I thought my skin was getting better with the controlled diet I was still breaking out. Many people would not understand, even close friends and family would comment on my skin which would make me feel insecure and slowly my confidence was crumbling.


I’ve always hated wearing too much make-up and dreamed of having naturally healthy skin. The ultimate goal would be to wear nothing on my skin except for SPF (sun protection).

SPF is the secret essential for life long healthy skin. No matter what the season SPF is recommended as it’s similar to wearing a layer that protects your skin and it’s the secret to looking 10 years younger.

AlumierMD Chemical Peels

By this time, I was still experimenting with lots of different skin care products but my skin was at its worse even after the glycolic peels I had tried.

Then my team and I were introduced to a new skincare brand called ‘AlumierMD’, a global skincare brand which only uses natural, active ingredients suited to every skin type and condition.

As I am obsessed with skin care, I was intrigued and immediately did my research to find out more about the brand. I did not know if it would work for me but I took the plunge for my clients who were suffering with various skin conditions.

I jumped on the opportunity to train with AlumierMD and start providing their chemical skin peels and home-care products at Escape Aesthetics. Although, on the day of our training I remember feeling super anxious about my skin as I knew we would be treating each other. I tried to cover up the breakouts but I knew whatever I did they were visible. It was also my birthday week and I didn’t want my skin to get any worse.

After debating with myself and the trainers, I decided to go ahead with the treatment and had a medium strength glow peel. I was super excited to use their products after learning all about the active ingredients which will help acne prone skin. As a result, when I got home I threw away all of my current skin care products and started using the AlumierMD acne range. Yes, I had this much faith in the brand.



My skincare routine was extensive and since then I have had 3 more AlumierMD radiant 20/10 salicylic acid chemical peels. The photos attached show my skin before I started using AlumierMD products and treatment compared to 2 months after using AlumierMD ACNE range 2 times a day combined with the AlumierMD chemical skin peels.

AlumierMD Home-Care Products

The AlumierMD products I’m using contain active ingredients such as; retinol, salicylic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid, and whitening peptides to brighten the skin (to mention a few) and I use the products 2 times a day without fail. They not only make my skin glow but feel hydrated without clogging my pores.



It’s only been a few months and I’ll be honest, I feel as if my skin is not perfect yet. I still have some scarring with minimum breakouts. Although my AlumierMD treatment sessions are not finished you can definitely see a difference in my skin. I will continue using the acne and pigmentation products by AlumierMD and their salicylic acid chemical peels every 2 weeks which will help the breakouts and scarring.

Overall, it’s genuinely amazing as I can now go out of the house with no make-up on and I feel so much more confident in my skin. 

It has taken me a lot of courage to write this story but I have done it for all of you who struggle too. I hope it helps those of you suffering from any type of acne or skin condition and remember you are beautiful!

If you have any questions or would like to try AlumierMD Chemical Peels or Home-Care Products, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K
Nina Bizaki's Story with Cheek Fillers

Meet the lovely Nina, she has been coming to us for the last year and we genuinely love seeing her and our regulars. It’s as if you’re seeing your friends, catching up with them and being on their journey and that’s exactly how we felt with Nina.

She initially came to us for lip fillers and after getting to know us, she knew she could trust us and decided to have the cheek fillers treatment.

After a couple of months Nina shared how she felt with us. It was as if over time the volume in her cheeks had slowly reduced and her face was starting to look smaller, as a result, it was affecting her life. As a Finance Advisor, she wanted to feel confident when she was in front of clients. She came to us to enhance her natural features and add volume to her cheeks.

Scientific research also shows hyaluronic acid is naturally presented in the cheeks, yet over time it reduces as you age. Many celebrities and influencers use cheek fillers as they contain hyaluronic acid which temporarily replaces this volume- giving you a lifted and youthful look.

We advised her we don’t recommend plastic surgery due to the risks and long-term implications, instead our cheek filler treatment was an ideal solution.

We use only the best dermal fillers; ‘Juvederm’ which can last from 6-12 months. During the procedure a small amount of cheek filler is injected evenly onto the cheekbone for natural results. The more you build up the fillers over time, the longer the effects will last. Nina decided to build up her cheekbones over time with 0.5ml Juvederm filler. The pictures below show how her cheeks looked before and immediately after treatment . You will be able to notice how her cheekbones are lifted and more defined.

Nina returned for a top up every 3-months over the last 12 months to achieve the volume and maintain it. We specialise in natural enhancement, so the treatment is never drastic. Also, the fillers we use are reversible and carry minimum side effects as they have been used and tested on for a very long time.

Many women and men ask us how painful are cheek fillers and we always like to share, if you go to a trained and qualified practice, they should use instant numbing cream prior to the treatment and the industry’s best fillers which also contain anaesthetic. The best practices use our VIBRATA by the world famous Dr. Simon Ourian so you will feel minimum to no pain during the procedure.

“I felt no pain, the treatment was quick and I was made to feel incredibly relaxed.”

Nina went on to explain the cheek fillers has given her a subtle enhancement, whilst adding that volume back to her cheeks. Even her close friends noticed a difference in her from confidence and appearance, but could not put their finger on it. She said that’s exactly what she wanted, discrete beauty enhancement and it feels great.

Thank you for letting us share your journey Nina and I hope it helps many of you too. If you're still unsure about cheek or lip (dermal) fillers or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Don’t worry, we are a qualified and trusted practice so you know you’re always in safe hands with Escape Aesthetics.

Alternatively, you can always book your free consultation.

Client StoriesSara K
Vlogger, Treacle Tatts' Review Of Lip Fillers

It can be a nightmare finding credible sources sharing their experience of lip fillers, so you can imagine our excitement when trusted Vlogger, Treacle Tatts' came to our Bedfordshire practice for the treatment. We would highly recommend watching her very honest experience, from how she felt, to her concerns, the process and of us. We hope it helps those of you who are thinking about Lip Fillers.

We genuinely hope it will help you on your journey and decision. Although if you're still not sure, not to worry, you can always book a free consultation with us.

Disclaimer:  The views, opinions, and positions expressed within these guest posts are those of the author alone and do not represent those of Escape Aesthetics.

Sara K