Life With Acne & My Battle To Overcome It: AlumierMD Chemical Peels
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As the Founder of Escape Aesthetics, I’ve never had to write such a difficult blog post; it’s about my personal battle with acne and the challenging journey. After speaking to my team, I’ve finally chosen to share my story with you all.

It has been 7 years since I have been suffering on and off with acne and it had got me feeling low and deflated. The main reason I started Escape Aesthetics was because I wanted to help people feel great, especially those suffering with the same condition as myself. I knew I’d be able to relate to them and help them through it, plus I’d finally found a solution which I will reveal but stay with me. 


It hasn’t been easy on my journey to get to that solution, over the years I’ve spent a ridiculous amount on skin care products, natural products, and treatments. Yes, I have tried and tested nearly all of the home remedies which are known to help acne skin. I always make sure I share my own skin care tips and knowledge with all of my clients too. I don’t want them to waste their time going through what I have for years. It soon affects your self-esteem, career, and life.


In the past, I have tried 10 sessions of standard beauty microdermabrasion but it was frustrating as I saw no difference after all the money I had spent.

I was lucky as when we started Escape Aesthetics we invested into skin care treatments for our clients. From research, we found Medical Microdermabrasion was 3 times more powerful than the ‘standard microdermabrasion’ which I had experienced in the past. As a result, I had 3 sessions of glycolic acid chemical skin peels combined with medical microdermabrasion and saw an instant difference with my skin, I had fewer breakouts and the scars were fading away.


Intolerance Test

If you suffer from acne you will know there are many other contributing factors that can cause breakouts, including diet. I’d highly recommend an intolerance test as I found out I was dairy intolerant, which was causing my acne to become aggravated. As you can understand, it was very hard to control as that meant giving up chocolate and not to mention milk and cheese which are essentials for many of us.

Even when I thought my skin was getting better with the controlled diet I was still breaking out. Many people would not understand, even close friends and family would comment on my skin which would make me feel insecure and slowly my confidence was crumbling.


I’ve always hated wearing too much make-up and dreamed of having naturally healthy skin. The ultimate goal would be to wear nothing on my skin except for SPF (sun protection).

SPF is the secret essential for life long healthy skin. No matter what the season SPF is recommended as it’s similar to wearing a layer that protects your skin and it’s the secret to looking 10 years younger.

AlumierMD Chemical Peels

By this time, I was still experimenting with lots of different skin care products but my skin was at its worse even after the glycolic peels I had tried.

Then my team and I were introduced to a new skincare brand called ‘AlumierMD’, a global skincare brand which only uses natural, active ingredients suited to every skin type and condition.

As I am obsessed with skin care, I was intrigued and immediately did my research to find out more about the brand. I did not know if it would work for me but I took the plunge for my clients who were suffering with various skin conditions.

I jumped on the opportunity to train with AlumierMD and start providing their chemical skin peels and home-care products at Escape Aesthetics. Although, on the day of our training I remember feeling super anxious about my skin as I knew we would be treating each other. I tried to cover up the breakouts but I knew whatever I did they were visible. It was also my birthday week and I didn’t want my skin to get any worse.

After debating with myself and the trainers, I decided to go ahead with the treatment and had a medium strength glow peel. I was super excited to use their products after learning all about the active ingredients which will help acne prone skin. As a result, when I got home I threw away all of my current skin care products and started using the AlumierMD acne range. Yes, I had this much faith in the brand.



My skincare routine was extensive and since then I have had 3 more AlumierMD radiant 20/10 salicylic acid chemical peels. The photos attached show my skin before I started using AlumierMD products and treatment compared to 2 months after using AlumierMD ACNE range 2 times a day combined with the AlumierMD chemical skin peels.

AlumierMD Home-Care Products

The AlumierMD products I’m using contain active ingredients such as; retinol, salicylic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid, and whitening peptides to brighten the skin (to mention a few) and I use the products 2 times a day without fail. They not only make my skin glow but feel hydrated without clogging my pores.



It’s only been a few months and I’ll be honest, I feel as if my skin is not perfect yet. I still have some scarring with minimum breakouts. Although my AlumierMD treatment sessions are not finished you can definitely see a difference in my skin. I will continue using the acne and pigmentation products by AlumierMD and their salicylic acid chemical peels every 2 weeks which will help the breakouts and scarring.

Overall, it’s genuinely amazing as I can now go out of the house with no make-up on and I feel so much more confident in my skin. 

It has taken me a lot of courage to write this story but I have done it for all of you who struggle too. I hope it helps those of you suffering from any type of acne or skin condition and remember you are beautiful!

If you have any questions or would like to try AlumierMD Chemical Peels or Home-Care Products, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K
Nina Bizaki's Story with Cheek Fillers

Meet the lovely Nina, she has been coming to us for the last year and we genuinely love seeing her and our regulars. It’s as if you’re seeing your friends, catching up with them and being on their journey and that’s exactly how we felt with Nina.

She initially came to us for lip fillers and after getting to know us, she knew she could trust us and decided to have the cheek fillers treatment.

After a couple of months Nina shared how she felt with us. It was as if over time the volume in her cheeks had slowly reduced and her face was starting to look smaller, as a result, it was affecting her life. As a Finance Advisor, she wanted to feel confident when she was in front of clients. She came to us to enhance her natural features and add volume to her cheeks.

Scientific research also shows hyaluronic acid is naturally presented in the cheeks, yet over time it reduces as you age. Many celebrities and influencers use cheek fillers as they contain hyaluronic acid which temporarily replaces this volume- giving you a lifted and youthful look.

We advised her we don’t recommend plastic surgery due to the risks and long-term implications, instead our cheek filler treatment was an ideal solution.

We use only the best dermal fillers; ‘Juvederm’ which can last from 6-12 months. During the procedure a small amount of cheek filler is injected evenly onto the cheekbone for natural results. The more you build up the fillers over time, the longer the effects will last. Nina decided to build up her cheekbones over time with 0.5ml Juvederm filler. The pictures below show how her cheeks looked before and immediately after treatment . You will be able to notice how her cheekbones are lifted and more defined.

Nina returned for a top up every 3-months over the last 12 months to achieve the volume and maintain it. We specialise in natural enhancement, so the treatment is never drastic. Also, the fillers we use are reversible and carry minimum side effects as they have been used and tested on for a very long time.

Many women and men ask us how painful are cheek fillers and we always like to share, if you go to a trained and qualified practice, they should use instant numbing cream prior to the treatment and the industry’s best fillers which also contain anaesthetic. The best practices use our VIBRATA by the world famous Dr. Simon Ourian so you will feel minimum to no pain during the procedure.

“I felt no pain, the treatment was quick and I was made to feel incredibly relaxed.”

Nina went on to explain the cheek fillers has given her a subtle enhancement, whilst adding that volume back to her cheeks. Even her close friends noticed a difference in her from confidence and appearance, but could not put their finger on it. She said that’s exactly what she wanted, discrete beauty enhancement and it feels great.

Thank you for letting us share your journey Nina and I hope it helps many of you too. If you're still unsure about cheek or lip (dermal) fillers or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Don’t worry, we are a qualified and trusted practice so you know you’re always in safe hands with Escape Aesthetics.

Alternatively, you can always book your free consultation.

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Vlogger, Treacle Tatts' Review Of Lip Fillers

It can be a nightmare finding credible sources sharing their experience of lip fillers, so you can imagine our excitement when trusted Vlogger, Treacle Tatts' came to our Bedfordshire practice for the treatment. We would highly recommend watching her very honest experience, from how she felt, to her concerns, the process and of us. We hope it helps those of you who are thinking about Lip Fillers.

We genuinely hope it will help you on your journey and decision. Although if you're still not sure, not to worry, you can always book a free consultation with us.

Disclaimer:  The views, opinions, and positions expressed within these guest posts are those of the author alone and do not represent those of Escape Aesthetics.

Sara K
Sharai Toner's Story: Anti-Ageing Treatment

As you may already be aware from my previous blog posts, I love helping our clients; it’s not just about enhancing their beauty but helping resolve their pain e.g. from teeth grinding treatment to Botox for headaches

If you asked me what’s most rewarding if I’m honest I started this business with my mother to help women, and men to solve medical problems delivered by trusted and qualified practitioners. 

Let’s face it, the media is pressuring us to look younger and research shows women are suffering from low self-esteem more than ever. The selfie/blogger generation isn’t going anywhere. As the beauty industry turn to plastic surgery or spending thousands a year on make-up, we believe in subtle temporary beauty enhancements to bring out your natural beauty and feel confident instantly.

Our next client was one of the most rewarding and the reasons I wake up in the mornings as her confidence was low. Meet Sharai Toner, a European PA who came to us as she was suffering from a long-term illness and felt it had aged her. As a result, it left her feeling down, defeated and confidence was at an all-time low. 

“I felt I’d aged prematurely due to a long illness”.

Sharai Toner's Story: Anti-Ageing Treatment

Sharai Toner's Story: Anti-Ageing Treatment

Before any treatment we have a consultation, my mother and I try to put ourselves in our client's shoes. In Sharai's case, it made me think, she's in the peak of her life and unlike others, she had already been through a lot and simply wants to love herself again to bring her confidence back. 

Imagine suffering from an illness with the stress and pain eating you from inside and when you’re finally on the other side you look at yourself in the mirror and the suffering continues. 

The Anti-Ageing Packaging was ideal for Sharai, as it included lip filler treatment, Botox that focused on her frown lines and dermal filler for her smile lines (lines from her nose to mouth area). These are areas which develop with age and need to be targeted early for best long lasting results.

I cannot put into words how I felt when Sharai shared how she felt after the treatment...“I did not expect the difference to be so profound and make such a massive difference to my self-confidence”. 

We wanted to make sure she was happy, so we caught up with her after her treatment and you’ll be pleased to know she now no longer feels the need to wear make-up and feels great! 

“I look young and fresher, no pain after the swelling”.

It is an honour to be able to help women and men and be that beacon of light and we hope Sharai health, happiness, and a beautiful future. 

If you're still unsure or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Sara K
Daniel Lennon's Story: Teeth Grinding & Jawline Slimming

Last week we shared Layla’s story, she came to us for Botox as her headaches were affecting her daily life. Meet Sales Consultant, Daniel Lennon, who had a similar pain but it was affecting his sleep and caused by teeth grinding, also known as bruxism.

After Treatment: Teeth Grinding & Jawline Slimming

After Treatment: Teeth Grinding & Jawline Slimming

As a Qualified Hygienist, I see many patients who suffer from teeth grinding and it’s more common than people think; it's estimated 50 to 95% of adults suffer from the condition.

Teeth grinding most commonly occurs whilst sleeping; it can start from headaches, sore jaw, gum recession, tooth sensitivity to loose teeth, shortening of teeth and even lead to loss of tooth structure. And long-term it can cause cracked and broken teeth and even damage to the bone structure of the jaw.

Normally your partner would be able to tell you if you grind your teeth, if not, your dentist who would be able to tell from the state of your teeth or if you wake up and suffer from headaches you would do as Daniel did book an appointment to visit your dentist. Although after visiting the dentist and trying alternative dental treatment, Daniel was still suffering and wasn’t satisfied to the point he became frustrated as nothing seemed to be working, so he decided it was time to try Botox.

Botox is not just available for aesthetic purposes but can be used as a quick, painless and non-surgical solution to stop teeth grinding. Botox works by preventing the muscle contraction, which is involved with teeth grinding/clenching.

You may be wondering if it actually works? Well, Daniel was over the moon with the result, and told us he was really glad gave Botox a try, as it not only helped with headaches but dental problems, sleep disturbance and slimed his jawline.

For those of you who may be thinking about it, you will be glad to know, Daniel added it was pain-free and he hasn’t had any issues after the treatment. He even stated he can finally wake up with no pain in his jaw after a long time of suffering.

We are always happy to hear we eliminated the pain from our clients, as that was one of the main reasons my mother and I started the business.

If you suffer from teeth grinding we hope sharing the knowledge will help you too but if you're still unsure or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Aniqah Jamal
Layla Vardy's Story: Top Tips for Botox & Lip Filler

Meet Layla, our regular client, who was ever so kind in letting us share her Botox and lip filler experience. It was great to get her input for this blog post and we thought why not share some top tips for those of you who are not sure about going ahead with the treatments.

You may have heard of Botox and lip fillers as they are very popular in London. And our clients not only come from Luton and London but Bedford, Harpenden and Milton Keynes and prefer these non-surgical treatments as they are not permanent for beauty enhancement. Also, did you know Botox has been a godsend for people who have excessive sweating, teeth grinding and even headaches in Layla's case?

Layla Vardy's Lip Filler at Escape Aesthetics, Luton

Layla Vardy's Lip Filler at Escape Aesthetics, Luton

Layla came to us as she had toyed with the idea of Botox for her headaches and lip filler for quite some time... "I've always wanted to enhance the fullness and shape of my lips". In addition, she informed us her headaches were becoming all too frequent and affecting her daily life and heard Botox could be a solution. Although rather than just going to any practitioner she carried out her research to see what were the implications, if it would work for her and once she was satisfied, she researched for reliable trustworthy practices. 

Botox injections are commonly known for cosmetic purposes, yet it also plays a crucial role in treating certain medical conditions, as a result, Botox is now widely used by the medical professionals to treat chronic migraines. If you're wondering how it works, Botox acts as a muscle-paralysing injection, which has nerve-blocking effects. It's been tested for several years and is seen as a reliable, effective and safe way to treat certain medical conditions by medical practitioners, such as headaches. 

In the cosmetics industry, Botox is used as a temporary solution to treat fine lines and facial wrinkles. The effects are fully reversible within time and have a very low risk of side effects. 

Now you may be wondering, what Layla was thinking during and after the treatment and we asked her to give her honest feedback...

Layla Vardy's Botox at Escape Aesthetics, Luton

Layla Vardy's Botox at Escape Aesthetics, Luton

"I honestly feel fabulous! The treatments with Ani and Shameem at Escape Aesthetics are always quick and relatively pain-free.

No matter how nervous I feel, I am always met with friendly, welcoming faces and a warm caring atmosphere that immediately puts at ease. That matched with a professional and patient-focused clinic space, I can see why the ladies are successful aesthetics practitioners."

Oh, and if you're wondering did Botox reduce Layla's headaches?

Thanks to Layla, we've added our top tips, which will help you with your research and when deciding whether to go ahead with any treatments.

  1. Always do your research and ask yourself, 'could the treatment actually help me with my headaches?', as there's always a possibility it may not work.

  2. Find practices that seem reliable, from checking the location of their surgery, professional practises have websites and reviews on Facebook and Google. If they have less than 20 reviews, be aware it may not be accurate.

  3. It's definitely worth checking out the practice and use a new injection.

  4. If you're not sure, book in for your face to face consultation.

  5. Most reliable practices will take their time to advise you, and tailor the treatment to your bespoke needs and they should work with you to achieve the desired final outcome.

We hope Layla's input and our top tips help to make your decision easier.

If you're still unsure or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or you can always book a free consultation.

Aniqah Jamal
Radha's Story: How Excessive Sweating Treatment Changed Her Life

Firstly, a massive thank you to Radha for allowing us to share her story with you all. Radha came to see us as she was suffering from hyperhidrosis under the arms. Hyperhidrosis is known as ‘excessive sweating’ is a medical condition which can affect various areas of the body. 

Underarm grid where injections are inserted

Underarm grid where injections are inserted

Many people are dealing with this condition in silence as they believe there is nothing effective which can help! You may have tried various creams, antiperspirants or treatment which takes too much effort and too long to work. Doctors are now saying the only quick and effective treatment is the muscle relaxing injections. Excessive sweating can be dealt with very quickly, safely and effectively with our muscle relaxing treatment.

You may be wondering how does the treatment work? Well, the treatment is proven safe, effective and a non-surgical option. It temporarily blocks the signals from the brain to the sweat glands that causes excessive sweating. Not sure about the effects? Not to worry. The treatment is reversible and lasts 6-12 months.

We initially saw Radha for a full consultation prior to her treatment with our insured nurse prescriber who has over 22 years’ experience with injecting.

We asked Radha how she felt before her treatment?

She said…

“I have always been conscious of my sweating and had thought about having the treatment for years. I came across Escape Aesthetics through social media. I was pretty nervous before the appointment as I anticipated it to be painful and was worried whether it would actually work.”

Radha was having the muscle relaxing treatment for under her arms, however, the treatment can be done for various areas such as the palms of the hands, feet or face.

Before the treatment the area is numbed using a strong numbing cream. For extra comfort ice or the VIBRATA can also be used. Very fine injections are inserted into the affected area in a grid pattern. The procedure is very quick and simple. It takes around 10-15mins in total and is virtually painless!

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 20.24.35.png

We asked Radha how she felt during her treatment?

She said…

“During the treatment Aniqah and her mum made me feel very comfortable and explained the procedure which put me at ease. The treatment was surprisingly quick and painless- it felt like small pin pricks”.

After the treatment the area can be slightly red. Bruising/swelling post treatment is very rare but arnica gel is provided to help. Research shows the muscle relaxing treatment results in 82-87% decrease in sweating. Results start to be noticeable approximately 2 to 4 days after treatment. The full effects usually take 2 weeks. We offer a 2 week follow-up where a top-up is administered if needed. In most cases this is not required.  

We asked Radha how she felt after her treatment?

She said…

“After the treatment I had no side effects and was able to carry on as normal! I started noticing a difference a couple days later and it was as effective as I had hoped. My sweating stopped and my confidence has grown! I no longer have to worry about sweat marks, especially when wearing coloured tops. The treatment has now lasted 5 months and no signs of it wearing off have shown yet. I will definitely be booking Escape Aesthetics again for my next treatment”.

Thank you for taking the time to read our clients experience with her hyperhidrosis treatment.

Are you suffering or know someone who is? Get in touch below to find out more about this life-changing treatment!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through Instagram or Facebook.

Aniqah Jamal
How Medical Microdermabrasion cleared Rebecca's skin

We hope you’re enjoying our client diary blog experiences- today we wanted to share Rebecca’s story on how medical microdermabrasion has cleared her skin.

Before and after only 2 sessions of medical microdermabrasion

Before and after only 2 sessions of medical microdermabrasion

Rebecca came to us with troubled skin and decided to try our medical microdermabrasion treatment.

Many clients ask what is medical microdermabrasion and how does it work?

Well… It is the most requested non-invasive procedure. A method of mechanical exfoliation without the use of chemicals, laser or injectables. It is used for specific skin conditions such as:

  • Acne prone skin

  • fine lines, scars and wrinkles

  • Superficial age spots and hyper-pigmentation

  • Blackheads and whiteheads

  • Sun damaged and uneven skin tone

  • Excessive oiliness or dry skin

Medical microdermabrasion can only be carried out by medical professionals and is 3x more powerful than your standard microdermabrasion. Therefore, less sessions are needed to see results!

We asked Rebecca how she felt before her treatment.

She said…

“I’ve always had oily skin but recently had a huge flare up of spots on my face. I tried a fair few products but nothing worked. Id seen a couple of microdermabrasion’s on Instagram so thought I’d give that a try!”

Medical Microdermabrasion is great as there is no downtime and your skin may just be slightly red for a couple of days. Rebecca came to us for four sessions every 2 weeks. Each session included a 30 min appointment using our derma-genesis machine which is the best available machine on the market today. A natural home-made face mask was created specifically for Rebecca’s skin type and applied at the end of the treatment.

Natural home-made face mask tailored to Rebecca's skin

Natural home-made face mask tailored to Rebecca's skin

Rebecca noticed a massive reduction in her blemishes after the first session! She felt her skin was clearer, brighter and much smoother.

We asked Rebecca how she felt during her treatment?

she said...

“I’m so glad I went with this treatment! You and your mum have been amazing right from the beginning of my first appointment. So friendly, helpful and explained everything in detail”

Rebecca has had four sessions so far and as you can see from the picture below her skin is looking great!

Her skin is less oily, blemishes have completely reduced and there is also less redness.

We asked Rebecca how she felt after her treatment?

She said…

“I’ve now had four treatments and my skin is amazing, completely clear, bright and the oiliness has definitely improved. I would 100% recommend Escape Aesthetics and will be returning for more treatments.”

Thank you for taking the time to read our clients experience with medical microdermabrasion. Visit our Instagram or Facebook to take part in our giveaway to win a £150 gift card to spend on skin treatment with us!

Get in touch below

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through Instagram or Facebook.

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Jade's Chemical Skin Peel Experience

Welcome back to our client diary experiences and thank you to Jade for allowing us to share her story.

Before & after chemical skin peels using glycolic acid

Before & after chemical skin peels using glycolic acid

Jade came to us a few months ago suffering with severe acne. After some discussion we decided to begin her treatment with 6 sessions of superficial chemical skin peels using glycolic acid and NEOSTRATA home-care products.

If you’re wondering what is a chemical skin peel?

Well…This is a process where medical grade glycolic acid is applied to the skin for 5 minutes to dissolve dead skin cells and unclog pores. This should only be carried out by medical professionals!

[Voted as #8 in the top 11 ways to get rid of blackheads by cosmopolitan magazine]

Chemical skin peels are great to help with acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone and generally to give you a brighter skin complexion!

The best thing about these superficial skin peels is that there is no downtime! No days off work needed! Your skin may be a little red for a couple of days and there may be some flaking of the skin during the first week after your treatment.

We asked Jade how she felt before treatment and she said…

“I would say a mixture of nervous and excitement as this was all very new to me but I was excited to see the outcome!”


We started off with 30% clarifying acid (containing citric acid + mandelic acid which is great for acne prone skin) This skin booster is applied for 2 minutes before applying 20% glycolic acid for 5 minutes The percentage of glycolic acid was then increased every 2 weeks until 70% was reached.

Jade noticed her acne drying out after the first peel. The cystic acne had reduced significantly and the skin was beginning to look a lot clearer. During the treatment she was also using a glycolic acid face wash x2 day to boost her results further. 

Glycolic acid works by exfoliating layers of the skin to encourage new skin cell growth and remove dead or damaged cells. This also helps to prevent new acne breakouts!

We asked Jade how she felt during her treatment?

Jade said...

“I couldn’t be happier with the results, its everything I expected and more!”

I'm now on my 4th skin peel, and I cannot fault anything! The ladies are so friendly and have offered me great advice. My skin feels amazing. Got plenty of sessions booked for the future.

Jade completed her 6 sessions and as you can see from the pictures below her skin was looking much better!

Less redness, reduced active acne, reduced large pores and the skin was less oily. Jade decided to book in another 3 chemical skin peels before moving on to medical microdermabrasion to help with the acne scarring.

Thank you for taking the time to read our clients experience with chemical skin peels. Are you suffering with acne or past acne scarring?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through Instagram or Facebook.

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Ruhina's Lip Filler Experience

Hi Ladies! Hopefully this is the first of our many ‘client diary’ experiences! So of course we thought we would start off with someone who put their trust in us from the very beginning! Since her first lip filler experience Ruhina has been back to us a few times and has been extremely pleased with the results.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 16.27.44.png

For those of you who are unaware, lip fillers are a non-surgical way to enhance your lips by defining the border or adding more plump to the lip body for fuller lips. We pride ourselves in providing natural treatment- enhancing your natural beauty!

We use lip filler products which are known to be the best fillers on the market. These are made up of hyaluronic acid which is what your lips already contain. The fillers have no animal/human products and they are completely reversible. One of the most common questions is how long do lip fillers last?

From our clientele experience the lip fillers we use have lasted 6-8 months- which is exactly what we want!

This lovely client decided to initially go for 0.5ml lip filler as this was her first time experiencing lip injections. If you’re wondering how much do lip fillers cost? The prices start from £125 and depend on your desired look. All treatment is tailored to your personal expectations!

We asked Ruhina how she felt before her treatment…

"The first time I considered lip fillers I was a little anxious but having spoken to Aniqah and with her reassuring me throughout the consultation I knew I was in good hands."

Many clients ask us do lip fillers hurt? Ruhina felt minimum pain during treatment and she also experienced minimum bruising & swelling post-treatment. Soon after her first experience with us Ruhina returned for another 0.5ml top up to achieve her desired look. As you can see from the picture below her lips looked absolutely stunning! Defined, plumped and still so natural.

Before & After Lip Fillers Using 0.5ml

Before & After Lip Fillers Using 0.5ml

We believe with world class fillers and the best technique your lip fillers should last you 6 months or longer! Our customer service is second to none and we want to do everything we can to help!

The Vibrata™ designed by the world famous Kardashian cosmetic surgeon is used with all of your treatment for minimum pain, bruising and generally a more comfortable experience (this definitely helps if you have a needle phobia) We also provide you with ARNICA GEL at the end of your treatment which is best known to prevent bruising. Other side effects from lip enhancement & augmentation is very rare as the product used is all completely natural.

We asked Ruhina how she felt after her treatment...

"Honestly, I have loved the outcome every time! The work speaks for itself! Couldn’t thank these ladies enough and of course I shall be returning very soon!"

Overall Ruhina summed up her experience as…

“I think its safe to say that I would not go anywhere other than Escape Aesthetics for the lip filler treatment! And I’ve already been more than once so that says it all! Both Aniqah and her mum have delivered nothing but the best service and made every one of my appointments an enjoyable, quick and pain free experience!”

Thank you for taking the time to read our first client diary entry. Stay tuned for lots more client experiences to come!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through Instagram or Facebook.

Client StoriesSara K