About Us

Escape Aesthetics is a family business consisting of mother and daughter, Shamem and Aniqah Jamal. 


Aniqah Jamal

Qualified Aesthetic Practitioner, Dental Hygienist and Therapist

Aniqah Jamal is a qualified dental hygienist and therapist trained from the University of Birmingham. From working with various patients including vulnerable people, she has developed a high standard of care and communication to help you achieve your desired look.

As the brains behind the business, Aniqah believes in providing the very best results to her clients. With her understanding of the facial anatomy and experience as an aesthetic practitioner, Aniqah has developed a passion to help women feel and look great in their own skin.

"We understand women can feel pressurised to look a certain way and spend too much time and effort using make-up to recreate a more contoured face and bigger lips. Our anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers gives you the chance to wake up feeling younger looking, enhanced and confident in your own skin without layers of make-up."

Shamem Jamal

Qualified Aesthetic Practitioner, Prescriber and Nurse

Shamem Jamal is a registered nurse with over 20 years experience in healthcare. She is a qualified and leading nurse for diabetes in Luton and has also completed her independent nurse prescriber course.

In 2012, Shamem won an award for Best Practice Nurse in the region. She has trained as an aesthetic nurse and her vast amount of knowledge, empathetic and communication skills has given her the experience to help others enhance their natural beauty.

What can you expect from us?

  • To be treated in a professional healthcare environment by qualified aesthetic practitioners
  • A complimentary consultation where we ask appropriate and relevant questions and take ‘before’ photographs prior to treatment
  • A cooling off period if you’re not 100% sure about going ahead with treatment
  • A follow up appointment 2 weeks later for ‘after’ photographs to reassess and offer a top up treatment if required
  • To be treated in a relaxing and comfortable environment where you feel at ease